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COGUM Global is a 501c3 non profit COGUM Global is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was founded October 14, 2011 by Vincent James.
The organization focuses on economic and community development and stabilization throughout the Carolinas. Our current community is Woodland Park, located in Rock Hill, SC.

Before COGUM Global acquired Woodland Park, there were a total of 67 homes, all deemed inhabitable but 5.
To-date all units are occupied and are steadily being revamped, but many are still in need of home improvement for suitable living conditions.
Our goal is to uplift families and provide them with a conducive living environment that is affordable and below market rate,
as well as educational programs for both youth and adults that empower and help them realize their potential.

671 Lige Street
Rock Hill, South Carolina, 29730 USA