5 Benefits of Volunteering During the Holidays

In our last post, we discussed why volunteering during the holidays is the best gift you can give back to your community. However, this process is also beneficial to you. COGUM Global wants to share several reasons why volunteering over the holidays may be a great...

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5 Reasons to Volunteer During the Holidays

Volunteering is one of the best gifts you can give to your community at any time of the year. It's especially powerful and meaningful to give of your time and resources during the holidays. Here are five reasons the staff at COGUM Global thinks you should volunteer...

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Can Volunteering Make You a Happier Person?

Volunteering can help you connect to your community, grow more confident in your skills and abilities, see how you can impact the world around you. But did you know it can make you happier, too? Studies on volunteering have shown an increase in happiness and general...

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Why Should You Volunteer With COGUM Global?

Here at COGUM Global, we have many opportunities that you can be a part of. We're always in need of more volunteers to help us serve those in need. If you're looking for volunteer opportunities, why don't you join our team? Here are several reasons why you should...

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4 Ways to Appreciate Your Volunteers

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any community development organization. Showing people that you appreciate them for the positive impact they make on the community will build them up and keep them volunteering for your cause. Here are four ways that COGUM Global...

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How Does Community Development Help the Economy?

If you've read our recent posts, you've learned how sustainable community development can help cities and neighborhoods become healthier, safer, and more empowered. Today, the staff at COGUM Global wants to share how community development can help boost the local...

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Volunteering Without Barriers

In a world where we often find ourselves facing walls and barriers based on our backgrounds, beliefs, ideas and cultures, volunteering stands out as an equal opportunity activity. Volunteer work is open to everyone and everyone can make a difference. Today, the team...

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